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Speaking Engagements & Private Events

Invite Holly to speak at your next event!


Speaking Engagements

Holly presents lectures, workshops, and consultation services for universities and other groups, creating lectures that are not only educational but engaging. She is also an expert speaker on podcast programs. Her presentations include: 

  • Practical, medically-accurate, socially-relevant, and emotionally intelligent information based on the latest research

  • Interactive icebreakers, activities, games, humor, and props 

  • Trivia questions and prizes to keep participants engaged and thinking

  • A humanizing underlying message of sexual positivity, empowerment, and compassion


For all media inquiries and speaking engagements, book Holly today by emailing


Private Events

Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, girls’ night, or bachelorette party? Schedule a pleasure education party and give yourself and your friends a better sex life—your friends will be talking about it for years to come! 

A pleasure education party is a celebration of pleasure, intimacy, and sensuality. As a qualified sexologist, Holly introduces a variety of techniques designed to enhance pleasure and intimacy and will create a safe space for you and your friends to ask your burning questions about sexuality. She uses her expertise to conduct fun, informative ladies’ nights for bachelorette parties and other informal women’s gatherings. You can also utilize Holly’s extensive knowledge of adult products to order products in a private setting with the assistance of an expert. 

Attendees find pleasure education parties rewarding for a variety of reasons that include inspiration, education, expanded perspective, female bonding, and finding the perfect new toy, game, lotion, potion, etc. 

Planning is simple. Just gather a minimum of 5 people and Holly will show up and do the rest. She will arrive about an hour ahead of time to set up and requires only a surface for displaying a few goodies. 

In addition, interactive virtual parties are available!

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