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For Professionals

If you are a fellow professional looking for support, I'd love to help!

As a practicing clinician, certified sex therapist, researcher, and lifelong learner, I have made it a point to share information and support my fellow students and professionals. If you are looking for support, books, or other academic resources on sexual wellness, relationships, and trauma recovery, take a look below and let me know how I can support you! 

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Consulting and "Picking my Brain"

I am a therapist who has built her private practice from the ground up and can cover a lot of different topics with you. Whether you have questions around case consultation, want to chat about going into business for private practice, learn about starting to do intensive sessions with your clients, or want to talk to a provider who is disabled about how they are making things work for them I am available for that. I am also available for guest speaking, presenting and panel discussions on mental health and sexual health.

Pick my brain:

30 minutes $50


Case consultation individual:

60 minutes-new professional $75

60 minutes-established professional $150


Case consultation group (2+ people):

120 minutes-new professional $100

120 minutes-established professional $250


Feel free to reach out to me directly to connect!


Books and Clinician Resources

Looking to expand you understanding of sex, relationships, or trauma recovery? Looking for a good book to recommend to a client? Feel free to take a look through my library and browse my database of the most inclusive, sex positive sexual health resources for individuals, couples, and folx across the spectrum of gender, sexuality, and relationship configurations. For additional resources, don’t forget to check out my blog, and if you have a great book you'd like to recommend, let me know!

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