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Survivor Resources

National Resources for Sexual Assault Survivors and their Loved Ones

Survivors of sexual violence deserve unwavering support, understanding, and access to resources that can help them heal and navigate their journey toward recovery. This curated list of resources has been carefully compiled to assist survivors and their loved ones in finding the help, information, and empowerment they need. From helplines and counseling services to educational materials and advocacy organizations, these resources are designed to provide comprehensive assistance and foster a safe and compassionate environment for survivors.

  1. National Sexual Assault Hotline: Connect with trained advocates who offer free, confidential support 24/7. Call, chat online, or access resources for survivors and their loved ones. Website: Hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

  2. Local Crisis Centers: Seek assistance from community-based organizations that provide counseling, support groups, and other services tailored to survivors' needs. Find a center near you:

  3. Self-Care and Healing: Learn about self-care techniques, mindfulness, and coping strategies to manage the emotional impact of sexual violence. Resource:

  4. Legal Assistance: Understand your legal rights and explore options for pursuing justice through legal avenues. Find resources to connect with legal experts. Resource:

  5. Support for Loved Ones: Friends and family members can also seek guidance on how to support survivors effectively. Education is crucial for fostering a healing environment. Resource:

  6. Educational Materials: Access comprehensive information about sexual violence, consent, prevention, and recovery. Knowledge is empowering. Resource:

  7. Advocacy and Activism: Get involved with organizations dedicated to raising awareness, advocating for policy changes, and combating sexual violence on a broader scale. Resource:

  8. Online Support Communities: Connect with other survivors and share experiences in safe online spaces. These platforms can offer a sense of belonging and understanding. Resource:

  9. Male-Specific Sexual Assault Resources: Society unjustly overlooks the occurrence of sexual assault against men. Apart from occasional prison humor, male sexual assault remains largely disregarded in public discourse. When the topic of rape or sexual assault arises, it is often associated primarily with women. Men deserve support too:

  10. Books and Literature: Explore a curated list of books and literature that address healing, recovery, and empowerment for survivors and their loved ones here.

Remember, healing is a journey unique to each survivor. These resources are here to guide and empower you or your loved ones through the process. It's important to seek the support that best fits your individual needs and to know that there is a network of caring individuals ready to help you on your path to healing and recovery.

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