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Out of Control Sexual Behaviors (OCSB)

Dealing with out of control sexual behaviors, often referred to as sex addiction, can be challenging and overwhelming. This carefully curated list of book recommendations offers valuable insights, guidance, and support for those seeking to understand, cope with, and heal from these behaviors. Whether you're struggling yourself or supporting someone you care about, these reads provide expert perspectives and practical tools to foster self-discovery, healing, and a healthier relationship with sexuality.

Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 9.32.46 PM.png
byAndrew Susskind

Rooted in empathy and recovery, this work serves as a perfect companion to formal treatment that addresses the aftermath of sexual addiction. This book empowers readers to heal and rebuild, offering insights and practical tools for nurturing genuine intimacy. It fosters self-compassion, communication, and personal growth, ultimately promoting a healthier and more fulfilling path to connection and well-being. For a full book review, check out the blog here.

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